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With the increasing social status of women, they are facing all the pressure is also growing. At the same time, women have to assume domestic work and childcare responsibilities. Coupled with the unique physiology of women, such as puberty, pregnancy, lactation, menopause that effects their body, which makes women need care themselves, to focus health. If not pay attention to daily maintenance, over time, there will be body balance disorders, decreased immune function, and thus was feeble weak and difficult burden, resulting in premature aging.

Yin Essence is capable of regulating immune, endocrine function of conditioning the core polysaccharide, and carefully selected more than 10 species of beneficial traditional natural plant compatibility, and rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, for female-specific physiological characteristics of modern high technology from refining. Nourishing "Yin", conditioning endocrine to women of all ages due to physical problems caused by deficiency, delayed aging, having beautiful youth.

1. Regulate immune and improving health. With the core polysaccharide, nourishing "Yin", conditioning endocrine; approval by the Chinese Ministry of Health, but also has immunomodulatory, anti-aging health functions of the two.
2. Kidney blood, endocrine regulation. To nourishing "Yin", nourishing blood, spleen and stomach for the group in principle to transfer, accompanied by a variety of Qi tonic to benefit class of natural plant ingredients, anti-aging, beauty fitness, enhance appeal.
3. Improve and balance the body's metabolism, to promote and balance the"yin" and "yang" of human conditioning.
4. Conditioning liver and kidney, "Qi" and Blood.

With black fungus, Poria, medlar, Sang Shenzi, longan meat, Coix seed, jujube, lotus and other natural plant "Qi" tonic class. Able to reconcile "qi" and blood, nourishing nerves. For the heart and spleen deficiency, lack of "qi" and blood deficiency symptoms;

Modern research found that: Yin Essence contained in the class of plant composition can play a nourishing "Yin", regulating endocrine, anti-aging effect.

* 2-3 times a day, every one can receive the results to improve the deficiency symptoms each bottle;
* better effect while taking together with Polysac Plus.;
* Do not take Yang Essence at the same time.

* Deficiency more common in women, the Yin Essence contained in the class of natural plant mainly for the deficiency symptoms, and therefore more applicable for the women;
* For those man with symptoms weak of "yin" and "yang", Yin Essence can take together.
* Not with milk, soy milk, tea when use, easy to affect the gastrointestinal absorption.

Placed in dry and shady place

Member : (WM) RM150.00/ (EM) RM160.00
Non member : RM187.50 (WM)/ RM200 (EM)

Product Specifications:
60tubes / box (1465 grams)

Active polysaccharides
* Research confirms: polysaccharide mainly immunomodulatory, anti-virus, anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, blood sugar, blood fat and other effects;
* Yin Essence composition contains polysaccharide, can enhance the immune, endocrine conditioning, which qi and blood, anti-aging.

What are the specific performance deficiency?
* "Heat of Health Yin", the performance of five upset hot, dry mouth and throat, rough, urine, etc.;
* Virtual physical decline, palpitations shortness of breath, dizziness, poor mental state;
* Irregular menstruation, pale minimalist, hyperpigmentation, melasma, breeding;
* Troubled in early menopause;
* Generally prevalent for the Women, a variety of diseases such as tuberculosis, hyperactivity, long-term low fever and other.

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